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U-CAN TOUCH Steam Wands Allow Baristas to Work Safely

two steam wands and two water wands for coffee machines on a white background

One of the favourite actions of baristas? Warming milk in the “bricco/jug”, but without burning getting burned. In order to meet the growing demands of prevention regulations, Italcoppie Sensori has introduced a steam wand with a double concentric steel tubes that enables the barista to work safely.

The U-CAN Touch wands are made of two stainless steel tubes insulated from each other to minimize heat exchange during the flow of steam and keep the touch temperature within the permitted limits, even after several consecutive dispensings.

Equipped with a Peek guard breaker (recommended) it reduces the mass and thermal bridge to the gripping area, preventing unpleasant burns

An upgrade compared to steam wands with a Teflon inner tube, which do not guarantee in a long-term a constant steam flow and pressure and can present problems during maintenance and cleaning of the jet breaker.

Also available in the version with integrated temperature probe, both in the steam and hot H20 delivery versions, it can be customized with different connection systems and rotation limitation.

This steam wand model uses the Venturi principle for air suction and all contact components are MOCA compliant.

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