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Launch of MODBUS (RS485) EVOMINISER Series

MODBUS RS485 temperature and temperature humidity sensors and converters

Today, we are proud to officially launch our new series of sensors and converters with MODBUS RTU digital output (RS485).

The EVOMINISER series is the digital counterpart to our successful transmitters with analog output signal. The digital communication via the MODBUS RTU protocol has several advantages: for example, you can connect several devices to only one line. In addition, you have access to several measured values per device and can also read out service-relevant information.

The series includes the following products:

  • RTD to MODBUS converter module
  • Pt100 MODBUS RTU with threaded process connection
  • Pt100 MODBUS RTU with mineral insulated probe
  • I2C to MODBUS converter module
  • I2C temperature humidity sensor
  • I2C ambient light sensor

We also offer accessories such as T Distributor and cables.

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