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We take Responsibility

Governance & Sustainability

At Italcoppie, we not only develop innovative technical products, but also base our actions and business activities on ethical standards. The continuation of our more than 45-year history depends on our diverse skills, values and the way we treat each other. Below you will find the key principles that have always influenced our daily business and actions:

With growth comes responsibility. As a company with a more than 45 year history, we have been basing our actions on ethical standards. We value our employees and stakeholders and are committed to treating our environment with care.

For more than 45 years, Italcoppie has been standing for innovation and sustainable growth in its industry. This history is built on a foundation: our values. We not only develop and produce innovative products, but also act on the basis of ethical standards. We value our employees and stakeholders and attach great importance to treating the environment with care. On this page you can find out more about how we embrace this responsibility at Italcoppie.
Here are some of our core principles:

  • Ethical business conduct towards all stakeholders
  • Compliance with human rights and labor law
  • Compliance with national and international laws
  • Resource-efficient use of materials/energy and protection of the environment
  • Avoiding corruption
  • Ensuring occupational and plant safety
  • Prevention and training of employees
  • Sustainable company growth

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…of how we live integrity and responsibility in our interactions with people and the environment.
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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and our business ethics make the foundation of our daily work. They reflect our commitment to our customers and partners. This code is binding for all of us.

Health and Safety Policy

Humans are at the heart of our company, and the health and safety of our employees is key to our continued success. We have put in place a health and safety management system to effectively provide our employees with a secure workplace and to minimize risks to their health.

Environmental Policy

As a responsible organization, we consider the protection of the enviconment a basic and indispensable objective of the company’s operations. We are committed not only to complying with statutory environmental regulations, but also to achieving continuous improvement and actively preventing environmental damage.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As an internationally operating company, we source materials and components from suppliers all over the world. It is important to us that they work to the same standards as we do. Our business partners commit to this in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Whistleblower Channel

If you do not see any possibility of contacting superiors or management directly, you can use the whistleblower system to report violations of laws, guidelines and policies. You can choose between a report with your name and an anonymous report. All reports will be treated securely and confidentially.