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Flat Rtd For Electrical Machines

Suitable for stator winding
Thermoresistance Pt100 ohm
Class B
Double element
3+3 wires
Flat fiberglass case, 12×2,5x340mm
Sensing part R=160mm
Cable 6x24AWG fluorine polymer insulated L= 15000mm

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Sensing element
Pt100 Ω @ 0°C
Sensing Element configuration
single 3-wire
double 6-wire
multiple points cartridge RTD
Accuracy class in accordance to IEC751 (*)
(*) Pt 100 cl.A only available with 3 or 4 wires, cl.AA 4 wires only;
Pt 1000 cl. A available with 2 wires only for cable lengths below 1 m, for longer cables only available with 3 or 4 wires, cl. AA 3 wires for cable lengths below 1 m, for longer cables only 4 wires.
cl. B
Sensing element operating temperature range
-10 ÷150°C (180°C per brevi periodi)
Insulation resistance
10 G Ω@ 2500 Vdc.
Dielectric strength
5000 Vac
Maximum working humidity
Vibration resistance (secondo IEC 68-2-6, test Fc)
4g (peak) ;15-250 Hz
Sheet material
High temperature FIBREGLASS, type FR5
Stem length L
180 mm
1000 mm
Length of sensing part
50 mm
160 mm
stem width
10 mm
40 mm
Distanza dell’ elemento sensibile dalla punta sonda Z
Customer’s specifications
Stem thickness
2.5 mm
5 mm
Extension cable
ETFE rame stagnato a 3 conduttori trefolo 24 AWG
ETFE rame stagnato a 6 conduttori trefolo 24 AWG
Cable extension E
100 mm
30 m