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Compact Temperature Probe, Ntc 2252Ohm, With G1/8 Threaded Connection

Compact NTC temperature probe
– Single element NTC 2252 Ohm, Beta(25/85)= 3969, tolerance ±0,2 (0-70°C)
– AISI316L body with G1/8 threaded connection
– M12x1 moulded connector (IP67)
– Marking with Nr. of production batch, Week/Year

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Sensing element
NTC R(25°C)=2.252Kohm, beta(25/85)=3969, tol ±0.2°C (0-70°C)
Sensing Element configuration
single 2-wire
Sensing element operating temperature range
-50 ÷120°C
Sheath diameter d
Ø 3,5 tapered conic to Ø 3 mm
Sheet material
AISI 316
Insulation resistance
100 M Ω@ 500 Vdc.
Stem length L
24 mm
Type of connector
male 4-pin connector with M12x1 metal screw lock (in accordance with IEC 61076-2-101 STANDARDS)
Connection body material
Maximum connector temperature
Process connection (*)
(*) Thread STANDARDS (CYL. GAS in accordance with UNI-ISO 228) (CON. GAS in accordance with UNI-ISO 7-1) (NPT in accordance with ANSI B 1.20.1)
1/8″ GAS CIL. sec. UNI-ISO 228
International protection marking (*)
(*) According to IEC 60529