-AISI 303 end cap
-SPRINKLER with 4 holes Ø 1 mm
-AISI 304 wand tube Ø 15 mm
-integrated single “K” type thermocouple sensing element (Ø 3 mm)
-stripped wire termination
Materials used in compliance with the application and reference standards for contact with foodstuffs

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Spherical aticulated joint
AISI 303
wand tube
Ø 15 mm
Sheath length L
256,5 mm
tube material
AISI 304
terminal bulb (aerator)
Blow-out cap holes number:
da specificare
Blow-out cap holes diameter:
Ø1 mm
Blow-out cap diameter:
Ø 23 mm
Sphere support with rotation limit:
Thermocouple calibration
type K (cromel-alumel)
Hot measuring joint
Sheath diameter d
Ø 3 mm
Sheet material
AISI 304
Number of elements (T/C) (*)
(*) Number Elements (T/C) asterisco
Sensing part maximum working temperature
Insulation resistance
500 M Ω@ 100 Vdc.
TC/RTD cable to wire
unipolari K IEC 24 AWG isolati in ETFE
Cable extension E
cable E=50 mm
Fixing system
bare stem
FCM Features (Food Contact Materials)
FCM Prescriptions
Before the use is required to wash the food contact areas
Contact food type
Type of contact
breve e ripetuto
Contact food temperature range
0 ÷100°C