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Turbosteam Cold Touch Assemblied Wand

-AISI 303 end cap
-SPRINKLER with 4 holes Ø 1 mm
-AISI 304 wand tube Ø 15 mm
-integrated single “K” type thermocouple sensing element (Ø 3 mm)
-stripped wire termination
Materials used in compliance with the application and reference standards for contact with foodstuffs

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Spherical aticulated joint
AISI 303
wand tube
Ø 15 mm
Sheath length L
256,5 mm
tube material
AISI 304
terminal bulb (aerator)
Blow-out cap holes number:
da specificare
Blow-out cap holes diameter:
Ø1 mm
Blow-out cap diameter:
Ø 23 mm
Sphere support with rotation limit:
FCM Features (Food Contact Materials)
FCM Prescriptions
Before the use is required to wash the food contact areas
Contact food type
Type of contact
short and frequently
Contact food temperature range
0 ÷100°C
Notes for FCM
la LANCIA ACQUA è idonea al contatto con ACQUA fino a 100°C (se presente aeratore plastico sino a 70°C)
Thermocouple calibration
type K (cromel-alumel)
Hot measuring joint
Sheath diameter d
Ø 3 mm
Sheet material
AISI 304
Number of sensing elements (T/C)
Sensing part maximum working temperature
Insulation resistance
500 M Ω@ 100 Vdc.
Cable type
unipolari K IEC 24 AWG isolati in ETFE
Cable extension E
cable E=50 mm