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Compact M6x1 Ntc Probe With Integrated Cable (Ending Amp Modu Ii)

Compact probe NTC 3.3K with integrated cable
-ntc probe NTC 3300 Ohm ± 2.5% @ 100°C ß=(0/100) 3970
-AISI 316L with threaded connection 1/4 G (with seat for OR)
-insulated single-conductor cables in polyester (for high T°)
-connector ending AMP MODU II M

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Sensing element
NTC R(100°C)=3.3Kohm ±2.5%, beta(0/100)=3970
Sensing Element configuration
single 2-wire
Sensing element operating temperature range
-50 ÷150°C
Sheath diameter d
Ø 4 mm
Immersion I
20 mm
Sheet material
Insulation resistance
100 M Ω@ 100 Vdc.
Cable working temperature
-50 ÷175°C (500h @185°C)
Cable conductors
copper tinned
Number of cable conductors
Conductor dimension
AWG 24
Conductor feature
strand (7 wire)
Primary insulation
Thermoplastic Copolyester (TPC)
Primary insulation colour
Cable size or external shape
about Ø 1,05 mm
Transition sleeve type
MOULDED thermoplastic round sleeve
Maximum transition temperature
Cable extension E
250 mm
Connection body material
Fixing system
threaded connection
Process connection (*)
(*) Thread STANDARDS (CYL. GAS in accordance with UNI-ISO 228) (CON. GAS in accordance with UNI-ISO 7-1) (NPT in accordance with ANSI B 1.20.1)
1/4″ GAS CIL
pin carrier type
male connector AMP MODU II HSG 280628
Seamed pin type
male terminal AMP MODU II 1-86557-9
International protection marking (*)
(*) According to IEC 60529