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Wireless temperature probe
Innovative, smart temperature probe with wireless communication, IP67 housing and operating temperature from -40° to 85°C; the stem has 4 sensors placed at different positions to detect the temperature of core. Ideal to monitor the temperature inside of blast chillers, tunnel refrigerators, showcases, wherever it is necessary to monitor the temperature continuously in order to certify their maintenance.

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Electrical technical data
Electronic board input
4 digital sensors
Temperature measurement points
4 points at different metal stem heights
Sensor distance
10 mm
20 mm
35 mm
55 mm
Accuracy (*)
(*) @25°C
± 0.3 °C between -40÷85 °C / ± 1 °C throughout entire range
Sensing element operating temperature range
-40 ÷120°C
Electrical technical data
Power supply
lithium battery CR1632 3Vdc, 137 mAh with extended temperature range (replaceable by the user)
Power consumption
Battery lifetime
2 years
Battery lifetime depends on the recording interval, communication frequency and room temperature. The estimated battery lifetime is calculated using a new battery in normal operating conditions and is in no way intended as a battery lifetime warranty.
Transmission frequency
434,4 MHz (PPM – pulse position modulation)
Transmission range
10 metres without obstacles
Transmission time
30 seconds / 7 seconds with variations >0.3 °C between one of the 4 sensors.
The stated transmission time refers to use of the entire device between 20 °C and 85 °C; for temperatures below 20 °C the transmission period may vary up to 45 seconds
ID (*)
(*) (Identification code)
4 digits in hexadecimal format
Body operating range
-40 ÷85 °C
Operating humidity
0 ÷100%
about 60 gr (battery included)
International protection marking (*)
(*) According to IEC 60529
for battery replacement, use only the EVO020 maintenance kit
a version with different gaps between the sensors is available on request (5 mm – 120 mm – 240 mm – 345 mm)
FCM Features (Food Contact Materials)
FCM Prescriptions
Before the use is required to wash the food contact areas
Contact food type
all the foods
Materials in contact with food
Type of contact
short and frequently
Area suitable for contact
see specific drawing
Contact food temperature range
-40 ÷80°C