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Ambient Light Digital Sensor

Sensor with I2CBus interface
Can detect the ambient light in the range 0÷167 Klx; no calibration is needed. Compatible with EVOMINISER-I2C converter (item EVO032)

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Sensor working range
Temperature: -25 ÷85 °C
Power supply
2.4 ÷5.5 Vdc (typical 3.3 Vdc)
Accuracy (*)
(*) @25°C
refer to the specific graphs
Measurement range
0 ÷167 lx
0.005 lx
Minimum detectable illuminance
0.01 lx
Box material
ABS black
Type of connector
male 4-pin connector with M12x1 metal screw lock (in accordance with IEC 61076-2-101 STANDARDS)