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Evominiv Mic

0 ÷ 10 V temperature transmitter
This device can be a reliable alternative to common assemblies with connection head. Then moulded connector allow easy installation


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Power supply
20 ÷28 Vcc (polarity protected)
maximum value between ±0.2 °C and ±0.2% of range set
Temperature influence (*)
(*) deviation from 20°C
maximum value between ±0.15 °C/ 25 °C and ±0.15% of range
Permitted load
10 Kohm
Sensor failure signalling
upscale (> 10,5 V) action
downscale (0 V) action
Sensor short circuit signalling
fixed to downscale (0 V) action
Factory default
ranges available:
0 ÷ 100 °C
0 ÷ 150 °C
0 ÷ 300 °C
-50 ÷ 150 °C
Range (-50 ÷ 100) °C
-50 ÷ 50 °C
Other configurations on request
Effect of power supply
PCB operating temperature
-40 ÷80°C
According to EN 61326-1:2013
FCM Features (Food Contact Materials) -40÷150°C
FCM Prescriptions
Before the use is required to wash the food contact areas
Contact food type
all the foods
Materials in contact with food
Type of contact
Area suitable for contact
stem for a maximum length of 1 m (measured from the tip)
Contact food temperature range
-40 ÷150°C
Sensing element operating temperature range
-50 ÷500°C
Sensing element
Pt1000 Ω @ 0°C
Accuracy class in accordance to IEC751 (*)
(*) Pt 100 cl.A only available with 3 or 4 wires, cl.AA 4 wires only;
Pt 1000 cl. A available with 2 wires only for cable lengths below 1 m, for longer cables only available with 3 or 4 wires, cl. AA 3 wires for cable lengths below 1 m, for longer cables only 4 wires.
cl. A
Sheath diameter d
Ø 3 mm
Ø 6 mm
M.I.C. min. bending radius
3 times the outer diameter (except the sensing tip which length is ~30 mm)
Sheet material
AISI 316
Insulation resistance
100 M Ω@ 100 Vdc.
Realizable sheat lenghts L= (subject to feasibility check)
50 mm ÷10 m
Type of connector
male 4-pin connector with M12x1 metal screw lock (in accordance with IEC 61076-2-101 STANDARDS)
Connection body material
Fixing system
bare stem
Stating production batch, pin-out and power supply range
International protection marking (*)
(*) According to IEC 60529