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Water Wand Totally Made In Stainless Steel

-Threaded connection for tap G 3/8 in AISI 303
-Ø 10 mm tapered tube in AISI 304
diffuser included in the tube Ø 10 mm
Used materials compliant to application and to reference regulations for food contact

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Spherical aticulated joint
AISI 303
Threaded process connection (*)
(*) Thread STANDARDS (CYL. GAS in accordance with UNI-ISO 228) (CON. GAS in accordance with UNI-ISO 7-1) (NPT in accordance with ANSI B 1.20.1)
3/8″ GAS CIL.
wand tube
Ø 10 mm
tube material
AISI 304
Sheath length L
x 70 mm
Fixing system
threaded connection