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Water Tight Probe For Pipe Mounting

Thermoplastic rubber skin point probe with single insulation
Studied for direct mount on pipe sizes: Ø8 .. Ø20
Direct mounting using standard cable ties EN50146

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Sensing element
NTC R(25°C)=10Kohm ±1%, beta(25/85)=3977
NTC R(25°C)=10Kohm ±1%, beta(25/85)=3435
Pt100 Ω @ 0°C
Pt1000 Ω @ 0°C
Sensing Element configuration
single 2-wire
Accuracy class in accordance to IEC751 (*)
(*) The accuracy class is valid only in the temperature range indicated by the norm
cl. B
Thermistor (not classifiable in accordance with IEC 751)
Sensing element operating temperature range
-40 ÷85°C (105°C for 500h)
Insulation resistance
1000 M Ω@ 2500 Vdc.
Dielectric strength
1500 Vac
Support for mounting on pipeline
overmoulded on cable with width ~9 mm, length ~22 mm, thickness ~6.5 mm
Plastic bulb material
Extension cable
TPE two-wire, single insulation
Cable extension E
400 mm
1 m
1500 mm
2 m
3 m
5 m
5.5 m
6 m
Cable conductors
copper tinned
Number of cable conductors
Conductor dimension
AWG 24
Conductor feature
strand (7 wire)
Primary insulation
TPE (thermoplastic rubber)
Cable size or external shape
form B flat wire 3.70 x 1.90 mm approx
Cable working temperature
-40 ÷105°C (6h @150°C)
Dimensional notes
Extensions other than those listed can be produced for minimum quantities to be agreed (after our feasibility study)
Tube compatibility
Ø 8 ÷20 mm
International protection marking (*)
(*) According to IEC 60529
Fixing accessories
PA66 HT Cable Ties for 105°C 150×3.5mm Color Black – NOT INCLUDED