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Single Insulation Overmoulded Probe (Up To 150°C)

Polyester flat cable for temperatures up to 150 °C
-ntc probe Pt 100, Pt 1000 or thermistor (NTC)

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Sensing element
Pt100 Ω @ 0°C
Pt1000 Ω @ 0°C
NTC R(25°C)=10Kohm ±1%, beta(25/85)=3977
NTC R(25°C)=10Kohm ±1%, beta(25/85)=3435
NTC R(25°C)= 47000 ±2%, Beta (25/85) =4090
NTC R(25°C)=50Kohm ±1%, beta(25/85)=3977
KTY R(25°C)=2000 Ohm ±1%
KTY R(25°C)=980÷1000 Ohm
Sensing Element configuration
single 2-wire
Accuracy class in accordance to IEC751 (*)
(*) The accuracy class is valid only in the temperature range indicated by the norm
cl. A
cl. B
Thermistor (not classifiable in accordance with IEC 751)
Working temperature
-30 ÷150°C (3000h @175°C)
Working Temperauture under moisture conditions
10 ÷100°CRH95%
Insulation resistance
100 M Ω@ 1000 Vdc.
Dielectric strength
1500 Vac
Cable lenghts E= (subject to feasibility check)
300 mm ÷100 m
Plastic bulb dimension
Ø 5 x20 mm
Plastic bulb material
Thermoplastic Copolyester (OVERMOULDED TPC)
Cable conductors
copper tinned
Number of cable conductors
Conductor dimension
AWG 23
Conductor feature
strand (7 wire)
Primary insulation
TPC (Thermoplastic Copolyester )
Primary insulation colour
Cable size or external shape
form B flat wire 3.00 x 1.70 mm approx
Cable working temperature
-30 ÷150°C (3000h @175°C)
Working Temperauture under moisture conditions
10 ÷100°CRH95%
Protective sheath
(*) test in water in accordance with IEC 751. Time taken to reach 63.2% of temperature step
Response time < 10 seconds(*)
Ø 6 x L=50 mm
Sheet material INOX
Response time < 15 seconds(*)
International protection marking (*)
(*) According to IEC 60529
Sheath length L
Not indicated
Sheath diameter d
Not indicated