-lower M22x1 cap in AISI 303
-plastic planter suitable for contact with food
-sensor NTC 3.3kohm at 100°C
-connector termination AMP MODU II
-tilting support without limitation to rotation

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Spherical aticulated joint
AISI 303
wand tube
Ø 12 mm
tube material
AISI 304
Supporto per diffusore
AISI 303
Sensing element
NTC R(100°C)=3.3Kohm ±2.5%, beta(0/100)=3970
Sensing Element configuration
single 2-wire
Sheath diameter d=
Ø 3 mm
Sheet material
AISI 316
Insulation resistance
100 M Ω@ 100 Vdc.
Cable extension E
70 mm
Fixing system
bare stem
threaded connection
pin carrier type
AMP MODU II Connector cod 280358 with 2 ways
Seamed pin type
AMP MODU II, material tinned bronze , for cables AWG26-AWG22, cod. 280708-2