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In order to enable you to mount our probes the way you prefer, we have developed a comprehensive range of mechanical accessories. Our portfolio includes thermowells, compression fittings, bayonet fittings, compression springs, tip adapters, surface adapters and wall bushings. Please get in touch with our experts and they will provide you with the solution you need.



Thermowells, informally known as sensor pockets, are hollow on the inside so you can insert a temperature sensor. Typically, either cable probes or sheathed probes are used.

A thermowell is a good choice wherever temperature probes have to be changed during running processes. This is not only important in case of repair, but also when a probe has to be calibrated regularly. The thermowell ensures the tightness of the system, so you can easily remove and replace the temperature probe. This works during the running process and without emptying any circuit. 

At the same time, the thermowell also protects the temperature probe and extends its service life. Because with a thermowell, you achieve greater mechanical stability and pressure resistance. Some of our customers use thermowells to ensure superior sealing – especially when dealing with creeping liquids such as silicone oils. 

Please note that the use of a thermowell increases the response time of the temperature probe. The measuring system is therefore more sluggish than without a thermowell. This is not necessarily a problem but it can be. 

The typical thermowell is made of stainless steel and has a 1/2″ thread. We manufacture thermowells for you in different diameters, lengths and with different process connections. Get in touch with us now. We will find the right thermowell for your requirements! 

A collection of thermowells and sensor pockets for thermometers


Connecting Cables

Be it a thermocouple, an RTD probe or a transmitter – we have the right connecting cable for your temperature probe:

  • for RTD probes and transmitters: connection cable with 2, 3 or 4 conductors
  • for thermocouples: thermocouple cable and compensating cable in different color codes (IEC or ANSI), with compensated connectors
  • Different connector types (M8, M12, standard connector, miniature connector, etc.)
  • Connectors moulded onto the cable
  • Cable jacket suitable for the temperature range (silicone, TPE, PVC, polyimide, etc.)

Consult your requirements with us now!

Extension cables for RTD, thermocouples and transmitters


Tip Adapters

Tip adapters can be handy when inserting a temperature probe into a hole or blind hole. With a tip adapter, you do not only adapt the diameter and shape of your probe to the hole, but you also improve the performance of the probe. Our customers typically use these tip adapters with sheathed thermocouples and RTDs.

A tip adapter for temperature sensors helps improve the probe's performance


Bayonet Fittings

A bayonet fitting ensures a secure mount and a permanent contact pressure. With the bayonet cap, the immersion length of the probe can be easily adjusted.

a bayonet fitting helps mount a thermocouple to an industrial machine


Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are mainly used to install a temperature probe in pipes and tanks. You can easily adjust the immersion depth of the probe with this type of fitting. You can choose between a metallic and a plastic ferrule: the metallic version will remain on the temperature probe after loosening the fitting. The plastic version will come off the probe again but is therefore only suitable in a limited temperature range. 

Two compression fittings next to each other. One with a metallic and one with a plastic ferrule or compression ring.


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