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Co-Engineering and Development

At Italcoppie, we have been a development partner to the technical industry for well over fourty years. We develop custom products for a variety of applications: medical, pharmaceutical, white goods, professional coffee machinery, cabinets, injection moulding, and others. 

Our expertise in the field of temperature measurement is the foundation for our company’s long-term success. With the help of comprehensive and modern equipment, our engineering team develops the temperature probes of the future. Our engineers are equipped with X-ray machines, thermal shock test chambers, climate chambers, 3D printers and devices for material analysis.

Temperature sensors in a climate chamber and engineers looking at drawings and x-rays.

Co-Engineering and Development

Success Story Medical

Our customer approached us with a very special requirement: the probe he needed had to be strictly designed to remove any possibility of a thermal bridge. This is necessary for the accurate measurement of breath temperature in artificial respirators. We gladly accepted this challenge and we have been supplying this customer with this exact probe ever since. 

a flow temperature probe for dialysis machines

Co-Engineering and Development

Success Story Coffee Machines

Our customer in the coffee machine industry was looking for steam wands for automatic milk frothing. The requirement was to integrate a temperature sensor into the steam wand. Not only did we customize our mineral insulated temperature probes to be installed within a steam wand, but we now supply our customers with the complete assembly of temperature probe, steam wand and accessories as a subsystem.  

Steam wand with built-in temperature probe and air intake next to a coffee machine

Co-Engineering and Development

Success Story Industrial and White Goods

We constantly strive to simplify the supply chain for our customers. For instance, we have been supplying some of our customers with complete cable harnesses instead of just individual temperature probes. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you with harnesses.

A worker is assembling a cable harness in Italcoppie's factory


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