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Probes for low Temperatures

What are Low Temperatures?

At Italcoppie, we define low temperatures as anything below -50 °C. Most of the applications that require such low temperatures tend to be in the medical and/or laboratory sector. We are helping our customers measure the temperatures in medical applications like plasma refrigeration or storage of vaccines and drugs.  

Cryogenic temperature sensors have to withstand high stress. Only special plastics and of course metals can withstand such low temperatures. Our cryogenic temperature probes have been designed specifically to meet the highest requirements. 

Which Element to Choose?

Your choice of sensing element depends on your application. If high accuracy is crucial, Pt100 and Pt1000 are well suited. Thermocouples are generally less accurate but if temperatures drop below -200 °C, they are the only viable solution.

NTC cable probe assembly with metal tube, silicone cable


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Paola Bagatta <br>

Paola Bagatta

Mineral insulated RTD for cryogenic applications with M8 connector

Series: TRSV8L1
Measuring range: -200 to 500 °C
Sensor: Pt100
Connection: M8 connector
Mineral insulated temperature probe with overmoulded M12 connector. Available as Pt100 and Pt1000.

Mineral insulated RTD for cryogenic applications with M12 connector

Series: TRML1
Measuring range: -200 to 500 °C
Sensor: Pt100
Connection: M8 connector
Cable probe for cryo medical refrigeration applications like vaccine logistics and vaccine storage

Purpose-built cable probe for low temperature applications like vaccine logistics

Series: C058067A
Measuring range: -100 to 200 °C
Sensor: Pt1000
Cable Material: PFA cable

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Paola Bagatta <br>

Paola Bagatta