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Modbus Temperature Sensors

What is a MODBUS temperature sensor?

A MODBUS temperature sensor is a temperature sensor paired with a digital transmitter. It can communicate with a master unit by the digital MODBUS protocol.

Why Should You Use MODBUS?

With our MODBUS RTU sensors and transmitter modules, you can connect several devices in a line, occupying only one input of your PLC. In addition, you save the expensive analog input cards for your PLC, since most of them already have a serial RS485 interface. Moreover, you can access multiple measured values per device. This not only enables the use of a combined RS485 temperature humidity sensor; but also the access of valuable service data that can be useful for predictive maintenance.

MODBUS Sensors and Converters


Modbus Sensors and Converters


With MODBUS you can connect multiple modbus temperature sensors with rs485 interface in one single line to a PLC
MODBUS M12 T distributor

Made in Europe

We manufacture our MODBUS temperature sensors at our headquarters in Cremona, Italy. So you benefit from short distances, streamlined logistics and fast delivery times.


For the configuration of our MODBUS converters and sensors, we recommend to use our configuration kit EVOPLATFORM SET. This kit includes a USB adapter as well as a configuration software that runs on Windows.

When connecting multiple devices in a line, we recommend the use of our M12 T distributor for MODBUS cable.

Further Suggestions

Our MODBUS sensors and converters are all equipped with four LEDs so you can easily understand the status of each device.

As with all smart temperature probes, the electronics are the most temperature-sensitive component. Therefore, choose a sufficiently long probe to protect the electronics from heat. And as always, the immersion length should be at least 5x the diameter of the probe in order to avoid thermal bridge errors.

Regarding the response time of a probe, consider this rule of thumb: if you double the diameter, you quadruple the response time. So choose the diameter wisely!



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