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Surface Temperature Probes

What Is a Surface Temperature Probe?

Surface temperature probes are temperature sensors that measure the temperature of a surface. This may be on the outside of a pipe, for example – we then speak of a pipe temperature sensor. Alternatively, it can be on a housing or some other flat surface, in which case it is often referred to simply as surface probe. Here you’ll find solutions that are optimized each for a different temperature range.

Inline Temperature Sensor

A surface temperature measurement is basically impossible on plastic tubing. In these cases, we recommend our inline temperature sensor for measuring the flow temperature of liquids in the tube. With its push-to-connect fittings, you can quickly mount it to your system. The sensing element does not protrude into the flowing liquid and thus avoids pressure drops.

Purpose-built pipe surface probe tied to a pipe for measurement, available as NTC, Pt100 and Pt1000

Surface Temperature Probes and Pipe Temperature Sensors


Surface Temperature Probes

Inline Temperature Sensor

Surface Temperature Probes and Pipe Temperature Sensors


Pipe Temperature Sensor

In the -40 to 85 °C temperature range, we recommend our dedicated pipe temperature sensor ICSkin. With its special shape, it fits snugly against the pipe and can be easily fastened with a cable tie or clamp. It can withstand condensation and freezing cycles (IP67 rating).

Between 85 and 105 °C, our overmoulded cable probe with pipe surface adapter is a good solution.

For temperatures above 105 °C, we recommend our mineral insulated sheathed RTDs. They are extremely robust (IP67 rating). Our adapters, available both for flat surfaces and for pipe surfaces, guarantee good heat transfer and easy installation. Good luck finding a more robust surface probe anywhere!

Two bendable mineral insulated probes, one used for screw-in measurement and one used for surface measurement

Two of our mineral insulated probes. The one on the left is mounted as an immersion probe with the help of a compression fitting. The one on the right is mounted as a pipe temperature probe with the help of our pipe mount accessory.

Weldable adapter for surface temperature measurement with temperature sensors

Our accessory for pipe surface measurement next to our weldable accessory for temperature measurement on flat surfaces.



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